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The Theophilus Project is Creative Shadow Work and Dimension Building.

Here I discover myself through writing and creating the Azure Dimension, a dimension similar to, but very different from our own. One where the people are connected and every story is important!

The Theophilus Codex includes excerpts from my planned memoir. 

A’Kan’s Journal follows A’Kan Lucient Zareb, a Phoenix Hybrid, Regal Flame, and Prince Regent of Shango. He is on a leave from the court to undertake, The Kindling,  a rite of passage where Phoenixes face their dark selves and finds their purpose.

Use Ah'Ne Signals as a fun in-universe story prompt. 

Visit A'Kan's Story Gallery to get visual clues to A'Kan's world and the Kingdom of Jabal Barkal. 

The Theophilus Project Podcast follows me as I build an Entertainment company and touch on my shadow work.   

About Theophilus gives a few more details about me and the Links page includes links to other creators that I used their works here on this page or mentioned. 

Come in and explore while I have fun creating!


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