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Theophilus Project: Pledge & Statement of Purpose.

The Theophilus Project and the mini projects contained within are about providing a voice and a light for the Invisibles so they know they are seen!

It is about doing this for my culture even though I doubt my culture truly sees me.

It is also about showing myself that I am valuable, talented, and just as worthy as the next person to receive the goodness that this Earth and this reality has to offer.

It proving to myself that I am powerful, capable, and destined for something better.

It is about creating a bridge, a path, a road map, and a blueprint for those who crave, want or need something different for their escapism and/or entertainment.

It is about me doing my small part to reignite creativity in the industry and doing it using all forms of mediums at my disposal.

Admittedly this project has some Vengeance and Retribution in it for me but we'll keep those in the shadows for now. I will say that I’m personally committed to transforming the negativity that is inherent within Vengeance and Retribution and turn them into a powerful, peaceful, and exquisite piece of art that has multiple meanings for all kinds of people.

With this project I also hope to give something back to those who did me right. Whether that is giving them a spotlight, etching their names and likeness into the ages, or providing an assist for others to help create a network of creatives across the globe.

Finally, and most importantly, it is about finding myself.

It is about understanding love and light.

It is about finding Peace by leveraging my Power.

It is about finding and maintaining balance while keeping it measured in truth.

It is about Theophilus Lamar integrating his shadow, his personas, and having fun while providing Love and Light for all who experience Terran Tales and the Melanite Omniverse.

- Pledged to self on October 4, 2022 at 7:58pm

Theophilus Lamar

Edited 10/8/2022 - 9:47am


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