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FINALLY - Unique Characters in the MCU!

In the next installment of Marvel's...What if! They are creating a character not seen in the comics. In my opinion this is the right step. Give the MCU its own unique characters outside of the books. Build out the universe and see where it can and will go.

Harley Quinn started out as an animated series character and eventually made her way into the DC Universe proper. So, I could happen to Kahhori. Unless there is a clamoring for this character the likelihood that we will see more of them is slim after this outing is slim and the MCU may have to adjust the origin to fit into what they are working off of now, but this is still something to be applauded.

As well as the fact that the Mohawk Nation collaborated with this is even better! I have yet to watch Season 1 of What If but plan on catching Season 2.

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DISCLOSURE: For twenty-five years I have worked for the Walt Disney's Company Parks and Resort division as a project manager in its theme park. The opinions represented here are my own and reflect my passion to see more diverse characters in sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural stories.


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