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Grateful For The Days I See

I know I have a hole in me, but I will strive to be grateful for the days I see.

I’ll need to hide and cover the hole that resides in me, so no one will know and pity me.

I will move forward and see what I can see,

Forever grateful for the days I see.

It is time to force a smile until it becomes true to me.

Until all the great memories burn and shine within me.

Until I radiate with hope and it sustains me,

Especially since I don’t know how many more days and times left in me.

The future is unknown to me.

The future, I’m sure, will give pain to me.

Yet, onward I march hoping that there is something exciting see.

While becoming who I am truly meant to be!

I am Grateful for the days I see!

- Theophilus

Jan 7, 2023


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