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If My Mind Starts To Go...

I had this thought last night, but I wanted to make sure I lock it in so that it can happen (I only told this to one other person prior to this post).

If my mind starts to go and I'm starting to lose it, bring all my scraps of writings, audios, journals, videos, and whatever else there is and tell me to find the First Anchor, the man who grew to become the Grand Celestial Ty'Siron, and who I am a direct soul descent.

If Ty'Siron isn't a thing by then, then lie to me and tell me he is.

Tell me he was the first Grand Celestial of the Nu'Bicons and being his direct soul descent, I'll unlock the secrets of our Soul Line and get the blueprint for the next Cosmic Vessel that will help us traverse the Tenth Omniversal Gate. But I must find my direct connection to Ty'Siron's First Anchor.

If I refused to be believed you at first, keep going! I'll buy into it at some point. Then you can start put yourself in my story and we can go on adventures together. I may not remember you from this life, but I will remember you in the other, I'm sure of it!

So, if my mind goes, put me on the quest to find Ty'Siron's First Anchor and the first Theophilus, Theophilus Prime. Tell me that only I can unlock the secrets of our Tribe and Soul Line. Tell me I must find the blueprint for the Cosmic Vessel.

I'm sure I'll be intrigued enough to play along without any encouragement but if I'm successful in creating the Melanite Omniverse by they, point to the movies, tv shows, books, and tell me that there are clues in there. Perhaps it'll help keep my mind occupied.

To be clear, there is no reason to believe this would happen. All signs point to nothing more than depression and anxiety and the typically aches and pains, but I wanted to provide an end game for myself.

There are more episodes coming up on the Theophilus Project. Season Four will entitled, The Theophilus Project: Quest Of The Soul Mage. I'm doing all this between a normal 9 to 5 so, at best, I can promise is an early summer premier date.

I just wanted to come here and give myself an alternative should I ever need it. Plus, it might help ensure the opposite and keep it sharp and stave off that Depression and Anxiety.

One can only hope! For the Soul Mage, we continue to stride forward.

- Theophilus Lamar



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