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S3 Ep. 23 Another Idea & Two New Challenges

(This is a feedback back post for S3 Ep. 23 of the Theophilus Project)

There wasn't any notes or outline for this episode. Everything was off the cuff, but still use this post to comment on the last Episode of the Theophilus Project Podcast for Season 3.

For clarity sake, because I know the podcast was a bit more rambling than usual, here is the Idea and the Two New Challenges:


Take five of the 24 Vanguards and find five real-life people to use as a basis for them. Then we allow those five people to play with their shadow in this Dimension/Universe and we follow them and see how they improve. I believe this would be a good therapy session for them and allow others to gain an entry point into that culture/people.

It would also allow writers and creators to use these people as story prompts for the character/person.

The hope is that it would encourage one to reach out and get to know other people in real life.

It is still a work in progress and something that will need to be fleshed out, perhaps, in Season 4.

Two New Challenges:

Melanite Challenge #4:

Experience the other universes or dimensions and take what you see and use it as a basis to ask questions to the men and women that the Dimension/Universe is based on and build genuine relationships in real life.

Melanite Challenge #5:

If someone approaches you asking about the universe or dimension that you are aligned with, then know that they are coming from a good place and share what you know in love/light.


1) How Did the Season Go?

2) What would you like to see continue?

3) What are you most excited for?

4) Any feedback?


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