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Originally published November 2, 2020

Dreams need to breathe to become reality.

I’m still here and still working on my goal. I wanted to reach out and let you know where things with me and where we are going.

I have returned to work and been adjusting my schedule and energy to keep up with creating and my other commitments. Things fell off there for a while, but I think I finally figured some of it out and ready to pick up the pace.

The good thing about the time is that it allowed me to better define my goals (I think and what I intend to accomplish. Time will tell of course, but you won’t know unless you do it, right? The goal is still to create a production/media company for those who may be invisible or rarely represented in today’s media.

Finally decided its best to focus on one medium for now so, been writing some audio scripts. I have nine written so far. Working hard to get two ready for a contest at the end of the month. Then we will see which one I’m going to focus on being forward first.

A new dimension of storytelling is also still coming along. The scripts I’m working on are a vital part of that. In my opinion they fresh, evergreen, and accessible.

To get back on track, I’m putting a stake in the ground to begin a bi-weekly publishing schedule of the Theophilus Project on November 16th. I’m planning to have enough episodes to get us to the end of February if not longer. The first episode will be a recalibration episode and then we will begin marching towards the goal of creating and producing an audio drama podcast with the Theophilus Project podcast provide the behind the scenes approach while still providing a window into my creative Shadow Work.

I envision the Theophilus Project Podcast as a reality podcast. If you are old school like me, you remember the original reality show Real World and its spin-off Road Rules. You know that those shows started the confessional/sidebar chatting that all the other reality shows have nowadays. If you hung around long enough you remembered how the Real-World series eventually gave the housemates a chance to work together to build their own business and that is the angle, I plan on taking. Watch, or in this case, listen as I build Melanite and begin launching its stories.

The website will also have blog posts related to that effort along with more of A’Kan’s Journal. Now, if you are new to the website, A’Kan’s Journal follows A’Kan Lucient Zareb, a Phoenix Hybrid, Regal Flame, and Prince Regent of Shango. He is on a leave from the court to undertake, The Kindling, a rite of passage where Phoenixes face their dark selves and finds their purpose. This would be an off week posting which means when there isn’t a podcast scheduled to go live, you’ll have another entry into A’Kan’s journal.

It is the first of the year that I hope to be able to layout the steps that are being taken to get the production started for the audio drama and announce the audio drama we are going to be doing.

I encourage regular listeners, followers, subscribers, to those who might have stumbled on this post and Podcast to share and encourage others who may be interested in this kind of entertainment and want to come in on the ground level of a new Dimension in storytelling.

While you are waiting, you can listen to previous episodes of the Theophilus-Project via Podbean or wherever you get your podcasts. Visit for A’Kan’s journal and blog postings. While you are at it, bookmark Melanite so you can be ready to go when the portal is open. Follow me on Twitter @theophiluslamar and tell me what you want to see. Ask any questions you may have and let me know what intrigued you about this process.

I’m looking forward to making Melanite Entertainment a thing and getting some new stories out there. I look forward to earning your support.

- Theophilus Lamar


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