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10/1/2020 - Let It Begin

Originally published 10/1/20

I decided to start a blog to force myself to do something every day towards the Project. No one knows that this is even here since I haven't dropped an episode in a while, but all the more reason to start now and then see what happens.

I have at least two episodes planned, two YouTube videos, and know what the first project is. The challenge is time and energy. By the time I get home, I'm drained and need to switch between day job to the Main Gig and it just takes time. I'm starting to go with it and just let the flow happens and ride it as it happens. In the last few days it seems to be working out well.

Now, over the last few days I have been brainstorming the first major project (scheduled to be anounced in the second episode which has no premeire date as of yet because I still need to record the one before that). I'll still be working on others, but this one is the one that I want to begin to experiment with and learn aspects of the business with. Have a few plans that I'm not ready to share with the public just yet but looking good.

I think the story is pretty solid, I have a grasp of the characters, and today, I think I settled on the story and feel pretty good about the arch and structure. I'm not listening to the doubt that says, "You been here before. You ain't going to finish," and do it. Even if it is bad, go for it. Let's see what happens. It is all about learning anyway right? A real time live experiement of sorts.

So, today I added to notes I've gathered. I plan to focus on it fully this weekend which means I have to mow tomorrow when I get home so I can jump into it on Sat. The goal is to outline and start committing threads down. If I can even start the first page, I would be happy. Just need to make sure I don't talk myself out of it like I have in the past.

Now the goal is not to write here everyday. I'm going to try and commit to once a week. That way, once I get back on track and episodes start to come bi-weekly, there is something new out every week. Even if I don't write here everyday it should force me to do something so I can have something to report.

Some entries may be long and some short. It is just an ongoing check list to get things done. Wish me luck!


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