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Two Years Ago...

Yesterday (2/1/2022) Facebook reminded me that two years ago I launched the Making Melanite Podcast. The goal was the same as it is now, only now, I'm more committed!

Making Melanite ended up becoming season 1 of the Theophilus Project podcast. Looking back, it was a good attempt but hindsight is always 20/20.

Now, two years later, I'm on Season 3 and committed to bringing the Melanite Omniverse to life!

A lot of what is present now was not present back then. I've been able to refine some ideas and talking points and still stuck on others, but I'm still here.

Keep the dream alive and find that #BlackBoyJoy because it will lead you into becoming a #MelaniteMan!

First Podcast Cover Art, February 1, 2020

2022 Cover Art - New Episodes drop 2/22/22.


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