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Theophilus Project as a recipe

The Theophilus Project is a personal quest that started around 2016 but really went into high gear during the Pandemic of 2020 - (End date to be Determined)

My quest is to find fun and excitement in life and positively influence my mental health while challenging myself to get to the next level whatever that may be.

Now while I call it a quest, I believe the best way to describe it to the public is to describe it as a recipe and layout how I’m going to “cook” this project and turn it into something.

To “cook” this project I’m going to need:

  • 1 Art Project

  • 3 Part Science Project

  • 1 Experimental lab

  • 1 21st Century Challenge to the centurions of the 22nd

Now to cook, we’ll first need to take my Art Project and lay it out.

Art Project

My art project is to build a brand new storytelling omniverse where the men/women and groups who have traditionally been invisible in 20th Century and early 21st Century media and place them prominently on this cooking sheet.

Next, we add some spices.

3 Part Science Project

The spices come from the science we want to include. Not enough to make it heavy and obvious like Sesame Street or some PBS shows, just enough to give it some kick but if you aren’t looking for it you may not even know it's there.

Another way to look at it is to think of these science projects as mini-experiments.

The first spice or experiment, we’ll add to the art project starts with a question; can a conscious connection with art positively influence life, and can that life help elevate our art. Mixed into that question are some new age spiritual teachings as a base, namely, the Law of One, and we may add a few others as we go along.

The next experimental spice is a little sweet. These are some sweet morsels of collaboration. We’ll see if citizens and countries can collaborate to create a planetary myth. A myth that tells the story of Planet Earth’s growth from fractured consciousness shunned by the cosmos to that of an omniverse where its people become celestial and cosmic beings.

Finally, to add some additional kick, something that many of you may not even notice or see, I am adding just a hint of brown spicy mustard. I know many of you can’t handle spice brown mustard, but this is my dish so we’re going with it. This experimental spice is me connecting with one of my earliest hobbies and interest to try and improve my mental health, help me reconnect with life, and explore myself. Like I said, if I do it right, you’ll never see it unless I explain it but it will provide the kick I need to wake me up.

Now the preparation.

I’m going to take all of that and plop it into an experimental lab for a while.

Experimental Lab

The lab is the website, Theophilus-Project, the Theophilus Project podcast, and eventually a YouTube Channel. The goal is to see what works, what doesn’t, and how best to put it all together.

Even though I have a degree in English from Florida A&M University, a Masters in Creative Writing and Entertainment Business from Full Sail University, I haven’t spent a lot of time honing my skills and seeing if this can work. By putting it out there and seeing my own progress and, hopefully, gaining followers and people interested, I may be able to play around and tweak the recipe just enough that it makes people slap their momma it is so good.

Now I admit, I’m not sure how it will come out and it may not look as appetizing as I want it but, I intend to wrap it up in some fun icing.

The icing will come in the form of a 21st Century Challenge to the Centurions of the 22nd Century.

21st Century Challenge to the Centurions of the 22nd.

The challenge icing is in two parts. The first part is to the 21st Century and that is to create the first two volumes of a planetary story called Terran Tales. The second challenge icing is to the 22nd century and that is for them to judge us on our first two volumes, and if they wish to continue, then add to our volumes and start the third Volume.

There are many more steps and much more prep work for each of those steps and that is what I intend to focus the Podcast on moving forward. Laying out some of the additional steps, explaining the why behind my approach, and experimenting along the way.

I have already done it to a large degree the four or five regular listeners will tell you that I’ve recalibrated and explained myself several times over and I still may do that but I believe this approach is the best path forward so we are moving full steam ahead.

The Theophilus-Project website has been updated and now includes a section called the Melanite Source Book. Within the sourc book are links to stories that begin to open up the Omniverse and the Terran Dimensional Matrix.

I’ve added a true experimental tale called the Theophilian Congress. I plan to dive a bit more into that at a later date.

All of this is designed to begin to build up the omniverse and lay the groundwork for the collaboration and the expansion of this planetary tale.

That is the Theophilus Project in a nutshell. It is a personal quest for me to find some fun and excitement in life while also trying to positively influence all the while pushing myself to find my next level.

If you happen to talk about the project and some ask you what it is you can tell them simply, it is:

  • 1 Art Project

  • 3 Part Science Project

  • 1 Experimental lab

  • 1 21st Century Challenge to the centurions of the 22nd


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