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The Theophilus Project #21

Theophilus Project 21 is the public-facing name of a Personal Quest of its creator Theophilus Lamar (Theophilus Lamar Porter) to have fun, find himself, and transform himself while encouraging collaboration, inclusion, and consensus.

It comprises of the following:

  • Creative Shadow Work

  • Creating a Planetary Origin Story

  • A Challenge to the 22nd Century from the 21st and to ourselves.

  • A Transmedia Art and Science Project

Creative Shadow Work

Using scraps of information, Theophilus gleaned through the internet and to help engage his overactive imagination into something productive, Theophilus Lamar decided to engage in Creative Shadow Work to see if he can help manage his depression.

The process led to what he would term an “immersive landscape” that he decided he wanted to play out various themes in his life while reconnecting with his boyhood passion of writing and creating long immersive stories for himself.

A Planetary Origin Story

To get people involved in what would be a purely personal story, Theophilus Lamar, created an idea where the entire planet can get involved and tell stories in the same collective universe and thus creating a planetary-wide tale that we are all involved in.

He calls this tale Terran Tales: Origins of the Terran Collective and, when complete, would become the origins story of a brand new omniverse where the people of Terran are key players. (Prime Melanite Challenge)

A Challenge to the 22nd Century from the 21st and to ourselves

A Challenge to the 22nd Century from the 21st and to ourselves is written as follows:

We the centurions of the 21st Century challenge ourselves to write a planetary origin story that shows how our Earth inspired a collective and that collective built the TDX and the TDX became an Omniverse. Our next level of cosmic evolution. (Melanite Challenge #1)

The challenge further states that the 22nd centurions should fairly grade our work and determine if you (the 22nd centurions) have it in you to continue our tale and create Vol. 3 while finishing volume 2 or be even bolder and create a new one of your own and pass it on the 23rd.

We, the 21st Centurions, further challenge ourselves by exploring this Omniverse and TDX as we create it through the lens of a reverse look of Cultivation Theory. In essence, we intend to take a conscious approach to art and see if it can positively influence our art and, in so doing, see if that art can elevate our art. We believe that Terran Tales: Origin of the Terran Collective, The Melanite Omniverse, and the TDX can do that. (Melanite Challenge #2)

Finally, we the 21st Centurions, conclude the main challenges to ourselves by using the stories, characters, and themes to build consensus on topics, in our professions, and on any other concept or idea that sparks our individual and collective interest. (Melanite Challenge #3)

A Transmedia Art and Science Project

All of which shall be referred to as A Transmedia Art and Science Project.

Though privately and internally may be referred to as Theophilus Project 21.

For More Information visit:

Twitter: @Theophilusori

Facebook: Theophilus

Podcast: Theophilus Project


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