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Simulating The Law of One

(This is a companion blog to the Season 3 Episode 10 of the Theophilus Project.)

In Season 1 Episode 3, I talked about Coincidences and Synchronicities. I also posted a blog post with same title back in 2020 on another site and reposted it to my own. In the article and episode I talk about how a YouTube searched led me to a video that ended up adding fuel to my fire and put me on the path I’m on today. If you are curious how the Law of One, also known as the RA material, inspired me to create an omniverse based, in part, on its teachings, and explore my own questions about the material through the Melanite Omniverse then meet me on the other side.

We’ll get into what is considered some new age philosophies so come on in, if you’re curious.

Alright, a few disclaimers.

First, I’m a novice. A newbie. I am not an expert by any means. You listen or read the material and the first time and a lot of it goes over your head, so bare with me.

Most likely you are saying, well if you are a novice then how are you going to base your Omniverse off of the material.

That is how I process it. - Let’s put a pin in that and go to the next disclaimer.

Second, I was raised Christian and whether explicitly stated or implied, growing up as Christian you tend to think anything not dealing with the typical tenants of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit or Ghost, is evil and a gateway to the devil. I still have a lot of some of those beliefs hence why I’m not all in. I believe that you have to go at your own speed and not be forced into anything hence me, again, taking this approach to process what I heard and since read and make some sense of it all.

Let me start with how I was introduced to it and in so doing I’ll touch on what it is as I understand it and then how I’m taking that into the TDX (Terran Dimensional Matrix) and the Melanite Omniverse.

Picture it, the middle of the pandemic. I’ve gone through all of Netflix and Amazon Prime didn’t really have a whole lot on and I didn’t have anything else at the time. So, I turned to YouTube.

I was treating YouTube like a learning opportunity. I didn’t want to just look at Cat videos or funny skits and parodies. I was looking to make the most of the pandemic and do what I could while I had the time to get out of a horrible work situation at the time. So, I typed in Law of Attraction.

I was a recent convert (by two or three years at that point) to the Law of Attraction. I know Oprah did it back in the day but back then I was young, thought it was hokey and wasn’t into it.

I typed it in a few videos came up. I believe it was Victor Oddo channel and while he was talking I saw a thumbnail that said The Science of Reincarnation. Then, below it read, Seven Densities of Consciousness// Law of…The last part was cut off.

For me, I had typed in Law of attraction so it had to be the same thing, but what did the Law of attraction have to do with reincarnation and what is the Seven Densities of consciousness?

I ignored it and went back to the video but my curiosity got the better of me so I stopped it and clicked on it.

Now, I am not going to be able to do it justice, so search for Aaron Abke or the Seven Densitites of Consciousness and watch the playlist, Law of One.

In short, there are seven levels of consciousness and correspond to the seven Chakras in the body and, to use a video game reference, we are here to level up until we get to level seven.

It is a much more involved and convoluted process but that was the concept that I got. I did a bit more research. Listened to the audio book, ordered my own hard copies and been paying attention to it every since.

For me, it wasn’t so much of what he was saying. It was interesting, but I had been planning this universe which has since grown into an Omniverserse for a while and here I was listening to a video that had some similar ideas and concepts that I was brainstorming.

I began to wonder if it was a coincidence or synchronicity. Had the divine and the universe been feeding me this story, or was this an Olympus Has Fallen/White House Down situation; two similar stories thought up by two different people? I decided to take it as a sign and went with it.

The thing was, the concept had more ideas then I had thought of so I began playing out in my head, if that is true then what would it look like. For example, one of the things that, again, I’m not going to do justice here, is that Earth is conscious. Perhaps not conscious in the way we think of conscious but it is conscious and there is an evolutionary path to Earth.

That led me to come up with the concept of Earth wanting to progress to its next evolution and become its own Omniverse one day and this was after it had barely graduated, but it had big dreams and wanted to get into the Cosmic Academy and get on this omniverse tract, but the powers that be of the academy thought, man, this is Earth. Earth y’all. It will barely become a star let along an Omniverse.

But they decided to give Earth a chance, if it could create a viable example of what their Omniverse would look like. So, Earth created its own simulation or matrix and the Melanite Omniverse was/is born.

This is where I get to play things out in my head.

If Earth gets to project itself as an omiversers then why couldn’t we project ourselves out as beings in this omoinverse? What would our upgrade look like? What kind of path would we choose if we had the choice?

Assuming this was truth and the way things truly are, what would I be like in this omniverse? With these themes and the Melanite Omniverse, The Dimensions, The Vanguards, Guardians and all its inhabitants were born.

I didn’t have anyone to ask questions of who, I felt, wouldn’t treat me like an idiot or call me crazy for even entertaining the idea so I said, if this was a story what would it be like? If it was a story that had some truth in it, how would it be structured? If this could help usher in Love/Light, how would it be done.

What you got is a transmedia art and science project for the 22nd Century.

How will it work? Well, the Omniverse is based on Love/Light, Peace/Power, and Balance/Truth. It is what the Forebearers founded it on and what the Vanguards are there to help ensure and protect.

As the stories and vanguards develop they’ll explore different aspects of this three values and we’ll even get a glimpse of the opposite of those or, perhaps if I stay true to the the way it is talked about in the material, we’ll see a service to others and a service to self and explore the gray area in between.

It is my simulation of what this material is saying and what it means for me and could mean for us.

Now two things up front:

I know I said it before but it will bare repeating, I’m not an expert. I’m still a novice and I’m exploring the material in my own way. For example, the rest of the country gives Florida grief and I’m not saying we don’t deserve some of it, but we don’t deserve ALL OF IT, so I’m going turning Florida into the jewel of what will be the universes’ version of the United States and the beacon of Love/Light, Peace/Power, and Balance/Truth.

This isn’t intended to be the Theophilus’ Show! I want to see what we can build if we can collaborate?

I’ve been focused on the foundation and cornerstone of the Omniverse which is Azure Dimension and the Obsidian Universe, but there are 24 other vanguards out there with stories to tell. 24 different ways to explore love/light, Peace/Power, Balance and Truth in service to others.

Now imagine what if the stories would look like if we make these universes and center them around those groups who normally don’t get that Hollywood shine? What would it teach us about ourselves? About each other? If we make conscious art that is fun can that art influence our life and then can that life elevate our art? I think all it takes to answer these questions is to simulate the Law of One through storytelling and lets set some guidepost up and see what happens.

If you want to know more about the Law of One, feel free to check out Aaron’s videos. He doesn’t know me from Adam so I’m not getting paid for any endorsements. Also, you can listen to the law of one by visiting

If you think this a good approach or think there are things I should keep in mind, feel free to visit my page on Facebook, The Theophilus Project, and comment beneath the episode there.

I’m getting excited writing this and I intend to see this through to completion.

- Theophilus Lamar


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