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S3 Ep. 19 Gone too Far? A psychology episode.

(This is a companion post to S3 Ep. 19 of the Theophilus Project Podcast)

These notes were used to help keep the Ep. 19 clear and on topic (as best I could). Feel free to comment on the episode below.

Photo from Wix Media Library

How do you know when you have gone too far?

As I’ve said before the foundation for the TDX and Melanite Omniverse is Creative Shadow Work. I’ve used certain stories and characters to explore aspects of me.

It didn’t dawn on me how easily it is to slip and out of those characters until one Saturday night. Then I thought, while there is some benefit to exploring yourself through characters, at what point does it go too far? At what point does multiple personality disorders and all the stuff that people until this point have deemed bad or give us all this images of what it is and should be, at what point does it become bad if it even is.

I don’t have any answers but want to ramble about it somewhat on the other side.


I guess the psychologist and psychiatrist will eat this episode up. At what point can projection and disassociation be good and at what point is it bad? I may be using all kinds of wrong terms and in wrong ways but let’s see.

The reason I want to know is because putting myself into these various characters has been helpful to a degree for me, but at what point does it become a concern. We’ve all seen the troupe that its dangerous to have. Is it and. If it is at what point does it become a problem c


One of the things that I noticed when I was looking to get help was that there was a lack of black counsulors and pshychologist out there.

I have issues. And I don’t advocate going to different people for your different issues especially you are trying to do it at the tame time. It’s too much and some you may not even need it but I have have seen three consolers and each time were for something different. They were the right ones I needed to see at the time.

But when I wanted to see a black one. I would have had to wait for a month and drive to Maitland or Altamonte springs. I wasn’t in that bad of need to get on 1-4 and risk my life to go to Maitland.


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