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S3 Ep. 12 - What's In It For Me & Cultivation Theory

(This is a companion episode to S3 Ep. 12 of The Theophilus Project Podcast)

These are starting script that I used for Ep. 12. Use this thread to comment on the Episode.

Fame and the Glory are where people would typically go, but what are the guarantees that this will even end in fame and glory. There isn’t a blueprint and I doubt a blueprint could predict the exact amount of Fame and Glory a person would get. For me, it also comes with a lot of sharp edges. I’m not saying that this way doesn’t, but it is almost expected at this point that with a certain amount of fame comes with a sharper and shaper amount of pitfalls to be wary of. Another way to look at it, I think is, is in terms of renewable and non-renewable energy. Fame and Glory is non-renewable energy. You have to give/get, give/get, give/get and eventually one or the other runs out and can’t give anymore. Whereas doing it in for the escape, fun, and peace it brings while adding some other elements to keep things fresh and exciting is more energizing than that.

So, I do all this for the escape, the peace and the fun of it all. I’m also doing it to push myself and on a quest to find some renewable sources of clean energy.

I have a friend who is going to see that or hear me record it and call me a make fun of me for being a liberal. Oh, well. Technically its a bit more nuance than that but we can explore that another time.

By dividing up my little project into an Art and Science project I get to dabble in both worlds and see what can come up.

One of the more vivid memories in school was making a diagram of a cell in plaster. We poured plaster in one of my mom’s Tupperware bowls in fact she came up with it. Pays to have a teacher on the inside from time to time. So we put it in and before it dried we made chromosomes out of trash bag ties, I think the nulcles was an old Easter egg.

I enjoyed it and at one time I thought I might be a marine biologist, but me and fresh water got some beef and I live in Florida and got sharks and stuff in the water. Naw, I’m good. Another reason why it didn’t work was because I had already decided in the 4th grade that I wasn’t going to have a job where I had to deal with numbers and math everyday so scientist was out.

Social Experiments also fascinate me. So, finding a way to tease out this side and see how it comes out is fun and I don’t have to know too much science and chemistry stuff (I have a best friend for that!)


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