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Quest To Become a #MelaniteMan

(This is a companion post to Season 3, Bonus Episode of the Theophilus Project.)

Personal Quest: To become Terran Aught Zero's first Melanite Man!

This does not contridict anything already stated previously. In fact, I believe, it brings it full circle. One of the things I must do in order to become A Melanite Man is to create, initiate and serve as the Master Artichetect of Terran Tales: Origins of the Terran Collective and hand off Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the tale to the 22nd Century to judge.

Unlike most quests, I wasn't visited by a wise one who said that I was the one foretold about in the stories. My parents weren't killed, and I wasn't in the right place at the wrong time. I was just looking for something to bring some joy into my life. I attending a co-workers presentation where she talked about black joy and how we should be joyful. I wrote a Huffpost Personal article and thought against submitting it because something was missing. I wrote in there about the line that to embrace blackbody joy if you want to become a Melanite Man. I changed it to Melanin in the article because no one outside of me and a few friends at the time would even know what Melanite was but that statement stuck with me and several weeks later I was still enjoying the term and figuring out ways to incorporate it in the story.

My other problem was solving how was I putting myself in the quest to build sterna tales and what it meant.

This episode goes into it a bit more. Listen to the episode here and come back and let me know what you think about my quest to become, a Melanite Man?


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