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Message Received!

I was listening to music, brain storming and organizing outside.

I came in because I had been sitting out side too long and my back and leg started to ache.

I put my things on the bed. Looked at the phone and noticed the time, and the song.

One more thing about the overall context that I got this message. Before I started writing and brainstorming, I had gone out to read a book and had stopped because I was inspired by what I was reading.

I started reading the Angelarium, by Peter Mohrbacher. Even when I first heard about it via the TaleFoundry I was intrigued by this particular Angel.

Zachriel - Angel of Memory

So, I think it is just interesting how he was the one I was inspired by. Specifically, what does that mean? I don't know have to sit with it for a while. As to what the whole things means...

The Interpretation: All this will happen. I take it to mean not to try too hard and just let it come.


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