#Melanite Challenges

Twitter: @TheophilusOri

PRIME MELANITE CHALLENGE: Create a planetary myth and storytelling Omniverse that includes stories from all seven continents using the same canvas as a backdrop. When compiled, they will be Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of Terran Tales: Origin of the Terran Collective. (Twitter; Jan. 10, 2022)

MELANITE CHALLENGE #1: 21st Century Centurions challenge the 22nd Century Centurions to take Terran Tales: Origins of the Terran Collective Volume 1 and Volume 2, and grade our work and also continue the Tales and create Volume 3. (Twitter; Jan. 10, 2022)

MELANITE CHALLENGE #2: Examine Terran Tales through the lens of cultivation theory. Prove that a consciousness centered approach to art can positively influence our lives and that positive life can elevate our art? (Twitter; Jan. 10, 2022)

MELANITE CHALLENGE #3: Use the stories, characters and situations in Terran Tales to find consensus on topics, in your profession or your any other areas of interests. (Twitter; Jan. 10, 2022)