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Melanite Challenge End of Project Timeline

This is the proposed timeline for the the Prime Melanite Challenge which is to:

create a planetary myth that includes stories from all seven of the continents and, when compiled together, will become Volume 1 and Volume to of Terran Tales: Origins of the Terran Collective.

The timeline may change as the project begins to pick up steam, but it isn't expected to deviate too much.

  • Volume 1 and Half of Volume 2 should be completed by December 1, 2119.

  • Committees to review the work should be selected no later than March 31st, 2120.

  • Committees will have until December 31, 2121 to review the works.

  • February 22, 2122 the committees will release their findings and announce where they will take up Vol. 3 as a challenge, go in a different direction, or drop the challenge altogether. At this time, if they choose to continue, they should announce how things will change and how things may stay the same.

On February 22, 2122 we will call this day The Grand Gathering of 2122: A celebration of Terran Achievement on Earth and in the Heavens.

The Volumes

  • Volume 1 of Terran Tales will end with the War for Oreem.

  • Volume 2 will start on the other side of the War for Oreem end at the Dark Incursion.

The War for Oreem and the Dark Incursion will be explained as the Omiverse, Dimensions, Universes, and Worlds unfold.

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