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Aught Rules and Understandings


  1. All participants have points and all points have some merit.

  2. Listen to learn and build consensus.

  3. When you can’t either allow majority rule, then depart amicably and peacefully.

(These Are NEVER Superseded)


  1. The Omniverse is based on three sets of Values

    1. Love/Light

    2. Peace/Power.

    3. Balance/Truth

  2. All dimensions and universe agree to explore these themes and any variations in the themes.

  3. There are ten dimensions within the Melanite Omniverse. Thus, each continent has a corresponding dimension. Islands/Regions have their own collective dimension leaving more to be revealed later.

  4. The door to open the Melanite Omniverse and the path to unlock the secrets of the Terran Dimensional Matrix (TDX) begin in the Azure Dimension.

  5. The Azure Dimension has 12 universes and two vanguards per universe.

  6. The Obsidian Universe and, its two Vanguards Ty’Siron and Takarrah. Through them, we will meet the other vanguards and universes each representing a group that is underrepresented in today’s media.

  7. Ty'Siron will be the Primary focus as the Omniverse begins to grown and expand. We will follow his ascent to Grand Sage of the Nu'Bionic collective.

  8. We will start small and non-linearly diving deep into the origins of the TDX, Omniverse, the Obsidian Universe, and Ty'Siron's Origins.

  9. We have 100 years to complete Volume 1 and get halfway through Volume 2.

  10. Our work will be passed along to the 22nd Century Centurions and they will judge it and decide if they would like to continue our tale or start a new one for the 21st Century.

Companion Podcast: Shall We Play A Game - Published February 22, 2022.


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