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Terran Dimensional Matrix

Originally Posted June 4, 2021. Photo via Shutterstock by pixelparticle

Theophilus Project Episode 8 Outline

Note: This article has been edited to refer to update Earth's Dimensional Matrix to Terran Dimensional Matrix (TDX) and for clarity.

Shutterstock by pixelparticle

Let’s build a matrix. Not just any matrix either, let’s build Terran's Dimensional Matrix!

I have touched on chaos storytelling which is essentially me allowing my mind to go where it wants to go. The upside to that is that the mind is free and it can go and do what it wants. The downside is that, at times, you never feel like you are getting anywhere. It feels like you are always spinning your wheels. Plus, common sense is that you can’t throw everything at a story or it won’t make sense so you have to edit it down and make sure it is logical not just overall, but from the characters point of view.

Again, spending time to do that makes it feel like the wheels are always running and you are doing the work, but you aren’t going anywhere, so with this, I think I have a good framework and been able to segment it out so that I can let the chaos mind go and still work at a purposeful pace.

In a nut shell, I’ve been looking for a way to explain what I’m trying to do and to get it situated in my head so that I not only understand what I’m doing but I can clearly articulate it to others, you know, the elevator spiel people are always talking about.

My friend, Chris, once told me he believed we were living in a matrix, and I’ve seen The Matrix so I know what he was speaking on and understood the concept, but then my mind did what it usually does and started playing with the idea. What if Earth has its own matrix. It’s own simulation of sorts. Why would it have one? What would it be trying to understand and learn?

That took me down a rabbit hole but unlike some holes were you do down and have a heard time trying to figure out how you got there and you have to struggle to get out. This one made sense as I continued to build out the idea and then I got to a point where it all made sense and the Omniverse that I was creating just seemed to fit neatly under this idea.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Let me explain Terran's Dimensional Matrix (TDX) first.


Terran graduated the third density and set its site on the fourth density and beyond. In the fourth density they get to choose what happens next and they knew that they wanted to study at the Cosmic Academy and eventually wanted to pursue a dimensional track. For the longest time they had been toying with the idea of eventually becoming an Omniverse and they finally decide to go for it.

They discovered that getting into the Cosmic Academy is easy but getting in on the Dimensional Track is difficult at best. Especially considering their place and age. They applied and were directed to another path, but remained committed to what they wanted to do.

The powers were impressed with their tenacity and decided to humor them and see what they could come up with. So, Terran was told that if they submit a plan for their Dimension they and explain it on all levels and densities then they would consider their application.

So Terran went back and reached across to three parallel earths and devised a plan. The four Terran planets would pool their Energy, Vibration, and essential Essences together, commission architects and anchors from the four planets, and create a viable blue print for their dimension.

The Azure dimension emerged first and to explain it on a 3D level, the architects decided to explain it in terms of a cosmic story over Aeons that includes Prime and sub universes, vanguards, and a path of transformation and evolution for all.


Thoughts? I can hear some of you now, Theophilus, aren’t you just being distracted by a squirrel and getting away from what you wanted to do in the first place?

In my crazy brain this fit into the idea of creative shadow work, stories where the invisible are visible, and all the other things I’ve said here on the podcast before. In the past, I feel I struggled in how to explain it. How to bring people into an idea of a brand new dimension of storytelling and telling stories that are fresher than the ones we are getting now. This could just be me, but I felt like I couldn’t really explain it in the sense that people could easily get it.

This dimensional matrix idea, I think people can grasp. Think of it like the infinity symbol on one side you have the four planets that have the anchors and the architects on the other side you have the Azurian Dimension the finished product from the four earths.

This allows me and anyone I decide to bring on board to not only tell the stories of the four planets that contribute to Terran's Dimensional Matrix, but to show how the TDX works. It also allows writers to play around with how it views itself as a dimension. So, you can see how one affects the other and vice versa.

This allows for more stories and more wiggle room to play with ideas and links between the two. Now, I have a whole backstory on the four Terrans and how they contributed to it but I’m not going to go into that here. I will share that we will get to see how the Matrix affects the other earths that helped in creating it and what those effects are.

To give you a point of reference, Tickwood, a series that I’m working on takes place on one of the Terrans and after the Matrix is already up and established. We’ll see how that affects the citizens in Tickwood and overtime experience how it also effects the other Earths.

The black hippie side of my brain says, what if aspects of this were real? What if some of the thoughts, beliefs and views in the Azure Dimension affect those of us here? Could art influence life and our hopes and dreams of life influence our art?

Just something to think about — We aren’t going to dive into the hippie headspace today. Its still a mess and disorganized over there.

The bookend idea is very simple— What if Earth has a matrix that it creates and explores because it is trying to get into the cosmic academy and what if we get a hand in helping to create it. We could very easily outfit Terran stories with futuristic scenarios and timelines next to a fantastical new universe, worlds, and characters and see how they influence each other.

First step is to build out the first dimension in the TDX, Azure. I have spent the last few years planning out the scenarios, build up the characters, and set the foundation for all the other dimensions to come. It bears repeating that eventually, each continent will have its own dimension and therefore has a part to play in crafting the TDX.

What this means is that as this project rolls across the globe, Not only will each continent get a chance to tell the tale of their continent and the people living there but they will also get to have four fictional earths to use as a playground to tell stories as well.

One of the Prime Foundational points with these dimensions is that the Invisibles are visible. So, the men and women, boys and girls, who aren’t seen in today’s media are the ones who are the Heroes and Heroines in these dimensions.

Wow, listening to all that really does sound like a hippie way of thinking, but heck, I’m going to embrace it. My friend Rick, jokingly told me that he hated hippies. Well, look buddy, I’m becoming one! I promise I won’t influence your boys with my hippie storytelling ideas…much at least when you are around.

I’m still laying the foundation for all of this using myself and my creative shadow work, but the TDX may be a bit easier to understand for some of you so.

If I could find a way to let you in my head, I’m sure you would run away screaming. I don’t wish what is in my head on anyone. It is hard enough trying to tame it to a point that I can make sense of it, but taming it so that I can explain it to others is a lot of work. Hence, why I started the Theophilus Project to help me try and make sense of what is up here for myself, and to get out of my head for a bit. I can’t tell you how freeing it is now that I feel I have a concept that I can neatly tuck my other concepts under and keep going.

The idea that this dimension can create a new pantheon of heroes that look like the citizens of earth is intriguing to me.

I loved reading about the greek stories in school. Looking back, it does give you a glimpse into how the greeks thought back then. What if we start to take a page from that old book and build a collective tale of who we are and what we want to be? I believe we can collectively build a series of stories that when taken individually are engrossing and enjoyable, but when taken together can tell the tale of our states, our countries, our continent, our world, and our planet and act as a…wait for it…Matrix for our planet. A simulation of what we could be.

This is a grand plan, I know and knowing where I’m going has helped, but you have to start especially when its just you and you have a day job. So, I’m still focused on the Azure dimension and Tickwood is still the project that I’m working towards. While still using myself as the foundation for all of it.

This has helped streamline Tickwood some what and, knowing this, I know that Tickwood will act as the gateway to the Azure Dimension. I’ll need to lay a few things out first and Tickwood, Hin’drix, Ian and a few others are the people to do that. So, I’m not dropping one project for another. I’ve just been focused on the interior for a while, now I stopped, put the roof on all of it and feel better about focusing on the interior for a while.

Plus, this has allowed me to plan things with Tickwood that may not have been possible or would take a lot of time to lay out. So, Tickwood is still the script I’m working through to teach myself how to produce an audio drama.

I’ll share here that the first script is written but with writing everything is about rewriting. I’m trying to tell myself it doesn’t have to be 20x perfect the first time out, but that is easier said than done. This new idea has forced me to retool somethings and I believe I may have to start differently but I am still on track.

I do still intend to bring you table reads of some of my other works and let you decide what we should focus on alongside Tickwood. That will be done at a much later date than I thought initially. Right now, it is more important to open the door to the dimension and start at the ground level and that is Tickwood.

What’s next?

I’ve updated the Theophilus Project website (Theophilus dash and included a page call Tickwood, FL. Next week, I’ll be uploading the first of Hin’Drix’s boards.* These are boards that Hin’Drix has created to try and understand what is happening in the town of Tickwood. Spolier alert: It has something to do with Earth’s Dimensional Matrix.

As we continue along, I’ll be adding more content as I write. I am one man who also is working his day job and using this podcast and writing to keep myself sane, so not going as fast as I would like, but slow and steady wins the race right?

I’ve also updated my Patreon page and will have some new tiers added late next month. For now, your support will help me save up to get some concepts and ideas copyrighted and trademarked.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep going. That’s what we all have to do.

* 2022: These items have been removed and are currently being updated and will be released closer to the series start. A sourcebook Fact Sheet has been added in the Source Book Section. Hin'drix's bio will be added at a later date.


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