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Announcing Theophilus Project Sub-Projects and Official Melanite Hashtags

This is a companion post to S3 Bonus #2 Episode of the Theophilus Project.

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The Theophilus Project is a Transmedia Art and Science Project for the 21st Century and is comprised of Three sub-projects. In S3 Bonus #2 Episode I announced the title of the sub-projects. I chose to put them here for future reference as well.

  • Terran Tales (#TerranTales) - Follows the art portion of the project or the Prime Melanite Challenge: To create a planetary myth that includes stories from all seven of the continents and, when compiled together will become volume 1 and volume 2 of Terran Tales: Origins of the Terran Collective.

  • Melanite Theory (#MelaniteTheory) - Follows the science portion of the project or prove our theory that a consciousness centered approach to art can positively influence our lives and that positive life can elevate our art.

  • Melanite Man (#MelaniteMan) - Follows my personal quest to become Aught Terran's first Melanite Man (see S3 Bonus #1 for more information).

This will make it easier to follow along with whatever your interest is.

All sub-projects may continue to have projects under them to help make it easier for individuals to follow along on with a particular topic or thread within that topic.


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