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Welcome Terran Tourist, Melanite Residents, Project Assistants, and anyone in-between.

This is the Theophilus Project, a personal quest to find fun and excitement in life, positively influence my mental health, all while challenging myself to get to the next level.

To do all this, I decided to build a brand new storytelling omniverse that will allow men and women who feel invisible by the mainstream media to see themselves represented in Scifi, Fantasy, and Supernatural Stories.

The Omniverse also serves as a Transmedia Art and Science Project.

The art project aims to create Terran Tales, a two-volume collection created by the men and women of the 21st Century and passed on to the citizens of the 22nd Century for judgment and them to collectively decide if they wish to continue the project and create a third volume for the people of the 23rd.

The science project seeks to answer the following questions:

  • Could a conscious approach to art positively influence our daily lives, and if our lives are positively influenced, could that help elevate our art thereby creating a mutually beneficial arrangement for society?

  • Can the inhabitants of Planet Earth come together to create a shared planetary myth that tells the story of Planet Earth’s growth from fractured consciousness, shunned by the cosmos, to that of an omniverse?

  • Can a creator who has also felt invisible most of his life, find himself, reconnect with his childhood hobby, all while doing creative shadow work to uncover his authentic self?

If this is your first time here but you are still looking to jump right into the Terran Dimensional Matrix (TDX) and the Omniverse then I would suggest you start by clicking on Agent Melanite Diamond.

Agent Melanite - Diamond is the top agent within Azure Technologies, an organization tasked with maintaining the balance between, free will, destiny, and fate. When he awakens in the astral gardens with a damaged transport, gaps in his memory, and only vague recollections of who he is, he sets out to uncover himself by going through the logs, files, and his transport.

If you would prefer to get some grounding first, then I suggest the Melanite Source Book and the Source Book Articles.

The articles will give you a grounding to terms used in the Theophilus Project, TDX, The Melanite Omniverse, Azure Dimension, and the Obsidian Universe. It also has information on some of the players and will be expanded as the tale expands.

The sourcebook page also contains links to the ongoing stories of:

The Theophilian Congress - While waiting on his conferment, the Vanguard of the Obsidian Universe, assumes the leadership position of the Theophilian Congress, a group brought together to maintain the cohesion of the T-Matrix and defend those closely connected to it.

Dimensional Communiques - Due to the unique connection between the TDX and the Azure Dimension anyone with a predisposition towards Love/Light, Balance/Truth, Peace/Power, or sensitivity to the TDX (Terran Dimensional Matrix) can review random Comminques between the inhabitants of the fourth and the third dimensions.

A’Kan’s Journal - Prince Regent and a member of the Sovereign Flame, the Ruling Family, of the Flambeau Enclave, has finally decided to complete his Kindling Rights. Follow him as he prepares for the right and deals with its aftermath.

Finally, to learn more about the project and to keep up to date, listen and subscribe to the Theophilus-Project podcast. The podcast touches on all aspects of the project including his Creative Shadow Work.

Thank you for visiting!

If you like what you see here and would like to lend encouragement and support, consider becoming a Patron. Visit my Patreon page for more information.

- Theophilus Lamar


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