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The Kindling

Category: Event; Ritual

Location: Azure Dimension

Universe: Obsidian

Sub Universe: Flambeau

Prime World: Nether

Appearance(s): A'Kan's Journal

The Kindling (also known as The Darkening) can refer to either an event in Phoenix Collective history or a ritual practiced throughout the Flambeau and greater Obsidian Universe.


During the Golden Millennium, a sickness infected all phoenixes regardless of universe or sub-universe.

The exact origin is unknown but recently a majority of scientists throughout the three territories of Nether (see Flambeau Universe) believe that it was a Terran Tick (see Sourcebook Terms) that mutated and began to affect the Phoenix Collective.

The disease in its least impactful form can mute a phoenix's flame for no more than one hundred turns (years in Terran Standard Time). It is the most impactful form it can extinguish a flame altogether and drastically reduce the life cycle of a Phoenix. It is also extremely contagious. It remains that way the first twenty-five turns after being contracts it.

It wiped out all phoenixes on the planet of Ikar and is believed to be the reason that Hysoots began to appear in greater numbers.

There have been two large-scale outbreaks of The Kindling. During the first outbreak, in addition to wiping out all the phoenixes on Ikar, it extinguished the flames of more than a quarter of phoenixes.

The Kindling is credited for ending the Reid Dynasty and kicked off a cycle of war and conflict throughout the Flambeau Universe.

Eventually, healers were able to devise a treatment plan that is still being utilized. There continue to be outbreaks but nothing as impactful as the event during the Golden Millennium


The Kindling as a ritual is considered a rite of passage that all pedigree phoenixes go through. The belief is that as one enters into maturity a flame must grow into maturity as well and to do that, one must burn out the mistakes and errors of youth and embrace the cosmic nature of the universe and connect with one's purpose and calling in this life. The Morte Sect (see Flambeau Sourcebook Article) believe a phoenix, "must embrace one's darkness, wrestle with it until they chase it out with light. It is the only way to strengthen one's flame and become a paragon of hope for the universe."

The traditional use of The Kindling as a rite of passage typically happens twenty-five turns after an incubation period. It has also been known to happen as late as thirty turns. Although the widespread belief is that the longer a kindling is, the more difficult it will be to reconnect with one's purpose and calling and could make for a difficult life.

Some sects believe a kindling is not necessary and that phoenixes are born with all they need to know and do not need to purge their darker side or embrace the cosmic nature of the universe and that it will come over time. These voices are growing louder and have already become the practice on the planet Eos.


The Ceremony is performed under the watchful eye of a Sol Sage (see Flambeau Universe in Source Articles) and involves, Tickwood and an ember of the Sovereign Flame.

Not much else is known about the ceremony from there because all who go through it and participate in one keep details a secret for fear of clouding their purpose and weakening their flame.


Hysoots do not go through a full kindling ceremony but they do go through a modified version of it and rely on Tickwood and Obsidian to simulate a full experience.


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