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Shall We Play A Game?

This is a companion post to S3 Ep 2 of the The Theophilus Project Podcast.

It is not a game where there are winners and losers. So, I think it may be best to call it a challenge. The 1st of Many Melanite Challenges.

Photo by Hassan Pasha on Unsplash

The Prime Melanite Challenge:

To create a planetary myth that includes stories from all seven of the continents and, when compiled together will become volume 1 and volume 2 of Terran Tales: Origins of the Terran Collective.

These stories will be played out across all media platforms and gives citizens with underrepresented voices in today’s media the largest contribution to the creation of the omniverse on the outset.

The best way I can think to describe it is a mental strategy challenge that aims to make use of your creative, mental, and, at times, may require some intuitive reflection to get the message.

And if you don’t want to get a message you can enjoy it for the richness and complexity that a Sci-fi, Fantasy, and supernatural story should have.

Now, for some of you, this does not sound like a challenge to get behind and I respect that.

Thank you for clicking on this anyway.

For those of you still with me, let’s keep going. I hope that I have a few creatives on board already, but let me ask the logical and reasoned minds on board.

I invite media critics, scholars, and social scientist to study that thought in conduction with psychologist and behavioral scientist and challenge you all to find consensus.

Another group may debate the ins and out of the story track. Examining all its connections, its development, and call-out points for the scientist to gravitate to and debate.

Another group may play it out on an individual front. Decide to examine yourself through these characters and their situations. Raising points for the creative group to give up to the scientific group and all, again to build consensus.

Finally, this does not leave out the spiritualist. This challenge also includes you to find consensus and growth among yourselves and in themes and concepts.

My main object in all this is to have fun! I envision it like you would with friends/peers and you're having a friendly debate about whether Batman can beat superman? Which is the better Florida Football team The Bucs or Jaguar? Things like that.

So, are you interested?


I’m Theophilus Lamar and I’m building the Melanite Omniverse.

I have begun Terran Tales on behalf of the emerging Terran Collective through a series of short stories, short scenes and put them up on my website, The

Take a look and start trying to put things together. Over time the challenge will become more complex and more and more players will join so, to prevent the starting point from getting muddled, here is the Aught Rule and Aught Understandings you must abide by if you are looking to participate:


All participants have points and all points have some merit. Listen to learn and build consensus. When you can’t either allow majority rule, then depart amicably and peacefully. (Never superceded)


  1. The Omniverse is based on Love/Light - Balance/Truth - Peace/Power.

  2. All dimensions and universe agree to explore these themes and any variations in those terms.

  3. There are ten dimensions within the Melanite Omniverse. Thus, each continent has a corresponding dimension.

  4. The door to open the Melanite Omniverse and unlock the secrets of the Terran Dimensional Matrix begins in the Azure Dimension.

  5. The Azure Dimension has 12 universes and two vanguards per universe.

  6. The Obsidian Universe and, its two Vanguards Ty’Siron and Takarrah will be the first starting points. Through them, we will meet the other vanguards and universes each representing a group that is underrepresented in today’s media.

  7. More specifically, we are going to start with Ty’Siron’s legendary ascent to Grand Sage and Celestial of the Nu’Bionic Collective. To do that we must start small and sometimes deal with the origin of the TDX, the Omniverse, or Ty’Siron coming into being.


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