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Melanite Theory and Melanite Method Defined

The Theophilus Project introduces the Melanite Theory. The Melanite Theory can also be defined as Melanite Challenge #2.

Melanite Theory

The theory states that a consciousness centered approach to art can positively influence our lives and that positive life can elevate our art.

Theophilus sees this as the opposite of the Cultivation Theory which was created by George Gerbner. The Cultivation Theory states, long term exposure to media shapes how consumers of media view and conduct themselves, and how they also view the world at large.

The Melanite method is how the theory will be proven or disproven.

Melanite Method

It creates seven dimensions within a larger storytelling omniverse. Each dimension representing a continent on planet Earth. It seeks to allow the invisibles on that continent to build the dimension and the universes within the dimension first while keeping the qualities of Love/Light, Peace/Power, and Balance/Truth are paramount and woven within the storylines.

It can also refer to the process of allowing those who are invisible in 21st Century media to write and create stories that allow them to imagine themselves in a more nuanced and well-rounded light.


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