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Flambeau Universe

Category: Place

Location: Azure Dimension

Universe: Obsidian

Sub Universe: Flambeau

Prime World: Nether

Apperance(s): A'Kan's Journal

Considered the spiritual center of Obsidian, the Flambeau Sub Universe is the undisputed home Universe of all the Phoenixes within the Obsidian Dimension.

The Prime World in the Flambeau Universe is Nether. Nether has three territories, Toshka, Kerman, and Ameru.

Ameru is the home of the Sovereign Flame. The Sovereign Flame is believed to give all Phoenixes their power. Ameru is the most powerful of territories on Nether. It is ruled by the Firestone Dynasty, also known as House Croskey. This territory has more recently been called the Pedigree Terriority due to the large number of full-bodied Phoenixes living within its borders.

Kerman, is located in a tropical region of Nether. It was once part of Ameru, but Will B. Croskey, the Fourth Sovereign ruler of the House of Croskey, gave the land to Hysoots, phoenixes who due to genetic, medical, or other factors, do not have a complete phoenix form.

Toshka is a mountain region of Nether and the home territory of Newts, a term used to refer to what are called humans in the Terran Collective.

Ameru has seventy-five million beings living within its borders. About ten percent of those are Hysoots who did not migrate to Kerman.

The current ruler of Ameru is Sorrell Jeffery Croskey who, in TST (Terran Standard Time) recently celebrated his first millennium on the throne.

He currently resides in Meroe in the Firestone Palace. The place has 120 rooms and is known to be the home of the widest selection of Ina Avian in all of Flambeau.

The palace has a complex where the Inner Court does business and has a Military command post. His parents Will B. Croskey and Lady Caroline live on the grounds as well.


Currently, the House of Croskey has had 26 millenniums on the throne.

Regent Sorrell Croskey, assumed the throne 10 millenniums ago and his reign has been marked by the longest periods of peace throughout the Flambeau universe. He also is known for brokering a peace treaty with Lem'e.

The official colors of House of Croskey are what Terrans would consider Maroon and Gold. These colors are normally worn on holidays, family occasions, and ceremonial events.

The Grand Regent is the head of the Congress of Nobles, the judiciary, and the military. The legislative branch is governed by the Provost and elected every eight turns (years in TST) by all citizens in the Flambeau territories.


The legislative branch of government is divided into the House of Nobles (HON) and the Phoenix Senate (PS). The House of Nobles is made up of noble families throughout the Phoenix territories.

To ensure balance, these noble families are made up of those who do not have any direct connection with the House of Croskey. The HON are a check and balance to the regent. They can suggest laws and have oversight of the Sovereign Flame and the running of the government with their primary charter being, "To ensure that the ruling house is representing the people honorably."

The senate works for the citizens at large. They can suggest laws on behalf of the citizens and propose them to the Regent and HON for ratification.

Currently, there are 160 members of the HON and 400 members of PS.


Phoenixes believe that Light is Love and Peace is Power. Two tenants that are core among the four worlds governed by the Vanguard that becomes Ty'Siron.

It should be noted that the tenant of Peace is Power is new. Previous Sol Sages, spiritual leaders throughout the Phoenix Collective, believed that power is peace, and numerous wars, skirmishes, and conflicts arose because of that philosophy. With the installation of House Croskey 26 millenniums ago, those Sages and the sects that they lead fell out of favor and new sects began to form.

There are eighteen major sects and numerous sub-sects throughout the Flambeau Universe. All of which have taken the two tenants and either added more tenants to them or believe there are different ways of bringing Light and Love or Peace and Power to the Universe. However, all sects believe that it is their mission, purpose, and destiny to spread the two main tenants and their version of them throughout the Obsidian Universe.


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