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(Also posted as part of the Dimensional Communiqués)

Honorable Progenitors,

It has been brought to my attention that there are members of The Collective whose nexus vantage point does not make it immediately clear from which I speak. Nor does it explain how they are able to access Melanite Information while others have not.

While I have my assumptions and theories, I choose not to influence you with those until I can be sure that I know the truth. However, there is one truth that I am aware of that I believe would give you a frame of reference and explain your vantage point as we move toward convergence. That is the development of the Terran Dimensional Matrix.

The Archival Order believes with a 99.998% certainty that this is in fact the truth of how the Terran Dimensional Matrix came into being and how we, your descendants, were able to take form and consciousness in the Melanite Omniverse. I will relay the story as it is documented within the archives. However, I will share that I do not believe the percentage. I believe the tale as it is recorded is 98.92% accurate. It is one of the reasons I have made it a goal to pierce the nexus and drill down to the 3rd density. For the purposes of this communication, I will relay it through my anchor and ask that they transcribe it word for word. I had hoped I could relay this to you in a verbal distortion, but some issues interfere with my ability to communicate and discuss this with you on an astral or digital level. For that reason, I will ask that my anchor relay this information to you through an alternative method.

After spending much of their conscious period in a state of disarray and unsure of what to do, Earth Aught Zero finally graduated from the 3rd Density and moved into the 4th. It was in their 4th Density that they began to get serious and think about what they wanted to do and what they wanted to become as they ascended higher and higher.

Earth decided that it would set its sight on the universe tract. As they began to study this tract they discovered that Terran-based systems and worlds had never progressed to the level of Omniverse. Having grown ambitious and seeking to make a name for themselves, Earth decided that they would set their hearts on becoming an Omniverse and outlined their intentions to the Cosmic Academy.

The Cosmic Academy treated them with love and light but felt that Earth and all Terran Based systems could only reach the level of Galaxy. They did not believe that they had it within to do the necessary work to become an Omniverse and denied their request to get on the Omniverse tract but accept them if they wanted to pursue the galaxy tract.

Defeated and full of the Terran Tick of anger, Earth resigned to become a galaxy and prepared to enter the Cosmic Academy. However, their dream didn’t die. They still set their sights on becoming an Omniverse. Eventually, they got up enough courage and asked to be admitted on the Omniverse tract. Once again, the Academy decided that such a tract was too difficult to master for Earth and denied their request.

Earth remained committed to their goal and began to study on their own and figure out a way that they could achieve what they wanted without the aid of the Cosmic Academy. Eventually, they bonded and collaborated with three other Earths.

These Earths were around the same conscious age of Earth Aught Zero, but each of these Earths called themselves Terran. Earth Aught Zero liked the name and decided to change its designation to Terran and shared their idea of becoming an Omniverse with the others. The others, having also not thought much of what they would become were intrigued with the idea. They decided to jointly apply for admission into the Cosmic Academy’s Omniverse track once again.

This time the academy was impressed with how resourceful Earth was and the fact that they collaborated with others with similar frequencies. However, they still felt that even with the combined collective energy of all the other Earths the Omniverse track was still too difficult. However, they offered the Earths, now calling themselves the Terran Collective, a compromise. They told them that if they could show that their Omniverse was viable and that it provided a path to ascension, self-discovery, and self-mastery, then they would allow them onto the Omniverse tract.

The Terrans pulled their resources together, commissioned architects and anchors from their respective planets, and began to map out a viable blueprint for their Omniverse. They created a simulation of sorts and called this simulation the Terran Dimensional Matrix.

It is unclear when in time they showed their work to the Cosmic Academy but when they did the academy was impressed. For these Terrans had built a simulation that was detailed and, more importantly, viable. It not only allowed for the Terrans to grow and ascend higher but provided a path for its citizenry as well. They were so impressed with their collaboration and simulation that they agreed to give them a space within the cosmos to physically build out their simulation while also allowing the simulation to continue to run and produce discoveries and learnings for not only the Terran Collective but for the Cosmos at large.

Depending on one’s access point within the Nexus, one can see the matrix in its infancy, its maturity, and the ongoing result which is us, the Melanite Omniverse.

I ask if you find any details that contradict or are different from what has been stated here, that you contact my anchor who will get word to me through our usual channels and I can cross-reference those discrepancies with items here at the order and do some further investigation.

In Love/Light and Balance/Truth, I leave you with blessings and abundance.

- ShadowCivist

*Transcibed by AT0 anchor - Theophilus Ori


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