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Logline: After his vampire wife gives birth to their son and falls ill, A mage uses unfamiliar magic and tries to heal her, putting him on the radar of a sorceress who seeks to his kingdom for her own.

Genre: Fantasy

Medium: Comic Book

Alt. Medium: Animated Television Show/Audio Drama



Logline: The first First Gentleman of the United States believes he’s struck a balance between his new role and that of father and husband, but when political forces threaten his family, he’ll have to enter a world hates or site back and let his family fall apart. 

Genre: Drama

Medium: TV Show

Alt. Medium: Audio Drama

Logline: Being a city populated by Mages, Psis, Phoenixes, and Warecats, there aren't too many things surprising, but when a new patient arrives at the medical institute the town's residents' lives begin to unravel.  

Genre: Fantasy

Medium: Serial Audio Drama

Alt. Medium: Television Show


Logline: Struggling to protect the planet from hostile alien forces, five teens defy orders and search for the one device that can save their world.  

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Medium: Animated TV Show

Alt. Medium: YA Fiction

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