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What Is The Theophilus Project?

Version 1 - Originally published April 3, 2021/Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

The Theophilus Project is one man’s effort to Create Terran's Dimensional Matrix while also seeking to understand himself and have a little fun in the process.

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

What is the Terran Dimensional Matrix?

The Terran Dimensional Matrix is the framework that we are using to tell stories using protagonists that, typically, are invisible and ignored in today’s media as the heroes. In short, it is a place where the Invisible are Visible.

Is there a story behind Terran Dimensional Matrix?

Earth is sentient and has graduated 3rd Density and has decided they want to continue on a dimensional tract and evolve to become an omniverse. Earth must submit a detailed plan of what their dimension would look like and explain it across all seven densities to be accepted.

The Theophilus Project is focused on creating Earth’s 3rd and 4th density version of their Dimensional Matrix using Transmedia.

How It Will Be Done?

One Dimension and One Story at a time.

Earth's dimension has seven known dimensions, with each one representing one of the seven continents on Earth. Creator, Theophilus Lamar, begins with the Azure Dimension and builds a matrix that acts as Earth's simulation.

The Azure Dimension serves as the foundation and cornerstone of the entire Omniverse.

Eventually, other dimensions will be added, each representing one of the seven continents on the planet Earth.

Why Do This?

For Theophilus, this project serves as a personal quest and creative vehicle to do Shadow Work, better understand himself, and keep depression at bay.

Where Did This Idea Come From?

Theophilus will tell you that it came from a variety of places and happened over time.

Like everyone on the planet, he spent 2020 in some version of isolation and sheltered in place. Also, like most people, he turned to the streaming services for entertainment.

As a fan of Scifi, Fantasy, and Supernatural stories, he became bored with the streaming services offerings one month in and grew frustrated that he didn’t see anyone like himself.

While watching videos on Youtube looking for information on the Law of Attraction, he stumbled across a video entitled, The Seven Densities of Consciousness//Law of One. The way YouTube cropped the title, he thought he was clicking on a Law of Attraction video and was surprised and intrigued to find that it was something completely different.

The idea intrigued him, and he spent the rest of isolation and some time after that, reading up on the Law of One. Slowly, the ideas and concepts that he was learning about began to develop into stories, and he decided to merge the shadow work that he was doing with some of the themes and concepts in the Law of One and the Azurian Dimension and, eventually, Earth’s Dimensional Matrix came together.

Is There An End Goal?

“Yes, World Peace!”

While Theophilus was joking when he said this, his goals are not too far from the truth. He would like to create a new set of heroes and stories that allow other groups to see themselves and their traits in one another. In the hopes that it will help bridge the gap.

Ensuring groups and people who rarely are seen in media, he hopes to start a trend and provide consumers with some escapism and offer self-discovery along the way.

“In the end, I want the Earth Dimensional Project to be a long-term project that is never fully complete because the heroes and stories we are collectively creating will age and adapt as we do.”

What’s In This For You?

“I can only promise a different spin on not only how we can collectively watch entertainment, but learn and grow from each other as you do.”

Doing this while helping to build a collective tale of Planet Earth huge perks and benefits as well.

“Currently, I am focused on building my online space and putting the stories in the right venues. At this time, I offer my sincere attempt at building a dimension that will expand into an omniverse, or to put it simply, we are building Earth’s dimensional matrix to help them get into Cosmic Academy.”

How Do I Learn More?

Stay connected here at

Here you will find more information on the inhabitants of the Azure Dimension. Stories will be teased out overtime and as he creates more and more space to create, more and more stories will develop overtime.

Theophilus Lamar is also available on Twitter @TheophilusOri and via Facebook, Theophilus Project.

If you would like to support, please visit his Patreon page at Theophilus Project.

Finally, his website is

Currently, Theophilus is focused on creation and teaching himself production.


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