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Prove Them Wrong! Write and Do It Yourself!

So, an update on the writing competition...

Big Surprise...I didn't place!

I will say that when I got the notice, I am proud of myself that I didn't sulk and think I can't do this.

Instead, I thought, "they don't get it." I guess I really and starting to go Hollywood!

Was the script the best thing since sliced bread?!

Give me a break!

I'm sure if you lined a bird cage with it and a bird read it it would be clawing its way to get to of the cage. I am just saying that I don't think "they got it" because I don't think that it is where most people are. I have a hard time seeing myself as a hero so I'm sure others would too. Even if we are in a day and age where diverse stories are the "rage". Yet, the "diverse" stories are just the other stories. I want to be a sci-fi, fantasy, or supernatural character that isn't in the 60s, 70's, or slavery.

Let me have my own worlds, with my own friends, and doing my own things. Let me evolve and do something on my own. Let's see a skinny, fat, short, and tall black boy or, for that matter, Native American or Asian men and boys doing something different and new. We want to see it? Want to create a splash, generate good press? Take a creative risk, and write a story like that.

If Sharknado can get green lit several times, you can green light a movie with a black, Native-American, or Asian lead.

When I got the notice, I did sit down and write/brianstorm something but not out of the sense of an "I'll show them" but to get better and to do it myself.

If the idea of soul quest that a black boy goes on to discover that he's linked to the African god Olokun, may have been a bit there but you'll give me Sharnado, not once, not twice, but three times...?!

Then, I should still be able to get it somewhere if I really want it.

Was my work the best thing out there? No, I can guarantee that!

But, if I sit around and wait till it is I'll never put myself out there. If I wait till someone else gives me a shot, it won't happen. If I put myself on an adventure to make my shot happen, then I have a 50/50 shot of getting there.*

Everyone deserves their shot and I have no doubt that the winner of that competition is going to make the most of theirs. I should just stop sitting back and expecting me to get from somewhere else. I should be available if it does happen, but try to make it happen for myself if I can.

So, I committed to writing more and to bringing the heroes that are rattling around in my head to life if, only because I want to free up some room up there.

If you are like me, then write past the rejection. Keep following your vision, and when you are long on doubt and short on passion and courage, just do it for yourself. You can't go wrong if you write a story, create a character, or dream a little for yourself.

*shout out to the person who put that bug in my ear! Thanks, coach! Still not giving Mitch and his team a shot, but I was able to apply your advice to something.

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