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How are We Going To Do This?

I’ll touch on it a few more times before we are neck deep into all this, but the way things are stacked, stuck, and hidden in my head. Not to mention the notebooks and things I have every where, it may take a bit before I can unspool it all.

I’m trying to do that as soon as I can. I don’t want this to be one of those long drawn out endeavors but as of now this is still a hobby. One I would like to turn into something but right now just a hobby, project and side quest.

So, the question this is how am I going to do it.

Easiest and quickest answer is Bit by bit.

I get the adge show and not tell and I promise that is what I’m going to do, but there are going to be some points that I don’t want you wasting mind space trying to figure it out. Easier to plop it down and jump on it.

And that is how we’re going to do it.

The Omniverse is churning as we speak and the lights are on over in the Azurian Dimension. More specifically in Universe Obsidian.

Here at the Theophilus-Project website are various stories that are slowly getting you immersed in the stories.

One of the things about this project is that it is a combination Art and Science Project so I get to experiment a bit with how I’m doing things, because it’s my pergrotive and I told y’all up front what I was doing wasn’t 100 yet and I think that is the beauty of it. Especially as it relates to my next point.

I know that a majority of you need a smoother landing point in order to get on board. That is what this podcast serves to do. I also have other projects that will work to serve that purpose. But the stories already up on the website will serve another purpose.

There are a group of you who like to play in the forest. Dive deep, and ride the undercurrents of stories looking for clues, connection points, and studying every little detail.

Those stories are for you.

Ideas aren’t fully fleshed out but they are baked in the overall tale enough that story points about the TDX (Terran Dimensional Matrix), The Melanite Omniverse, Azure Dimension, and the Obsidian Universe.

So, those of you who are curious or those who want to be in the know once things really start jumping off, can go there and start to read and become familiar with things, people.

Dimensional Dispatches and the Theophilian Chronicles is designed for that specific purpose.

With Dimensional Dispatches we are in the stream of consciousness that connects Earth and Terran to the Melanite Omniverse and all of its dimensions. Because we are in the stream we can get communication from Melanite Omniverse and the Azurian Dimension.

Some of the communication is from the Omni or dimensional side. Sometimes it is on the TDX side and sometimes it could be a mixture of both. You will have to decide.

Theophilian Congress jumps into the complex story of one of the Vanguards of the Obsidian Universe, Ty’Siron. Here is where we meet him in his Theophilus Period.

A little tip about Vanguards before we get started. They have evolution periods and their lives are marked by stages. Ask me to follow up on that in future episodes if you are curious to know more.

In any case the Theophilian Congress takes place in Ty’Siron’s Theophilus Period. To be more precise, this period is the beginning of Ty'Siron's Theophilus Period. The Azure Dimension and the Obsidian Universe have been flowing for some time now and recently ended a long protracted conflict and are settling down for Peace.

What do you think about this direction?


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