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Archival Catalog Order - CBO1


TSD: 12/21/8122

SOURCE MATERIAL: PSI Network; Phoenix Frequency

AUDIENCE: Obsidian Archival Order (OAO), OAO Alumni, Archival Freelancers, Leisure Enthusiasts, Graduates, Undergraduates.


Terran Translation


Broadcasting to all alumni, freelancers, leisure enthusiasts, and current graduates and undergraduates.

Any and all attempts to retrieve information from the Collective Wellspring as well as the Source Code have been exhausted. The Cy'Ionic Protectorate has initiated a reboot of the Source Code and is refilling the Wellspring. However, we have been informed that a full recovery is not guaranteed.

For this reason, the Obsidian Archival Order is in catalog and preservation mode. All data nodes that we believe are intact, are herby open. All departments, research posts, and archival locations are asked to verify all information and report any discrepancies to registrars Yoneno, Arnedra, or Kamir.

Furthermore, any archivist in touch with our companion agencies and associate organizations are asked to pass along this order and share our data nodes with them until further notice.

To ease in data collection, the registrars have drafted a temporary catalog system.

Not only will this catalog system show gaps in our knowledge but also show that we are making every effort to restore the consistency of information and truth throughout the Order.

In Hope and Healing. We leave you with Love and Light.

- Provost Bijan Truivol

Chief Archivist

Obsidian Archival Order

* (Archival Catalog Order, Cosmic Blackout - 1st Directive)

Translated into 3rd Density Terran by ShadowCivist Anchor - Tremaine T3, Rosewood

Collective Transmittal - Chimera - Craven


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