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A'Kan's Journal #3 - Ceremony Prep

ARCHIVAL ORDER NOTICE: Due to circumstances involving the Cosmic Blackout these are the only entries of A’Kan’s Journal available to The Archival Order. The Order is working hard to reestablish a connection to the Phoenix Network. When a new connection is established, entries will resume. The Order apologies for any inconvenience.



I have another session to go over the ceremonial particulars and then I can go home and start the Elyim.

Tomorrow, the two sages should be here and it would finally feel like things are moving and I’ll almost be done with the craziness. read like that won’t happen to me. Not to mention the fact that the images of Marcel started jumping in my head.

When Marcel came back from his and ended up being sick for five days. Even had to go to the infirmary. When I did get to see him, he didn’t tell me much, but he told me that he was taken to some dark places and that he was still recovering from the aftereffects. In the end, it took him two full weeks to eat something and another three before he was out of bed. I remember at one point before I got to see him, we all thought he was going to extinguish and we started planning an ascension circle at Croskey House but the doctor happened to come out of the infirmary at the time and told us to stop.

Apparently, sickness after a Kindling is common and under no circumstances to be interfered with. We had to listen to this long-winded explanation about what it does to the body and why any interference is an insult to the Sovereign Flame.

When we went over to his house to celebrate several weeks later, he was a new being. The glow he had normally was brighter and the heat that radiated out was inviting. He and I had never been close, but I found myself drawn to him. Of course, I kept my wits about me and kept my distance. Then, when he went full pedigree, even I had trouble looking directly at him and the colors within his plume were some of the most vibrant I’ve seen and swirled in some really odd ways.

When I got chances, I tried to ask him what happened because I knew at that point, I was going to have to suck it up and do mine, but he never told me. The only advice he gave me was to do all the prep work and listen to the sages.

With my luck, something like that would happen to me. I know I should feel like it is a small price to pay to have my essence and glow back intact, but I don’t know anymore. The nation hasn’t had to go pedigree in ages so the likelihood that this is even necessary is slim to none.

The prelims are at ten. It’s 2am now, I should try and get some more sleep. I was backed into a corner and agreed to go to breakfast with Tabari and said that he could ride over with us. I’m going to need a lot more energy and sleep before I can deal with today.


I’m glad I brought my tablet with me. Today has been a bunch of waiting around and no real progress.

I do have a date for my ceremony, and they gave me some Elyim Coltin to prep. I have to take three times a day. Apparently, the Nightingale that did my intake felt some “irregularities” and some “large blockages” and said I they needed to wear those down to ensure that my experience went as smoothly as possible. I wonder if that was what happened to Marcel? If so, I wonder what his were.

He suggested that I should meditate on my blockages when I take it and begin to wear them down. I didn’t tell him that I don’t even know where to begin or how to meditate on them. I’ve taken Elyim before and at some point, it gets hard to keep your mind focused and there isn’t anything to do but sleep. Elyim Coltin is stronger and can make you see and do some strange things so I’m a little apprehensive about it.

The Nightingale said it was a low dose, but suggested that I make sure I have someone close by in case anything does happen. I told him I didn’t bring one and he gave me this look and then I left.

Then he came out later and told me that he gave the instructions to my equerry and told him what to watch out for. I figured he meant Eth, but when I asked Eth he said he said he hadn’t talked to anyone which means that it was either Tabari or the Felidae. I doubt it was the Felidae because I haven’t even seen them since I been here. There have been times when I thought I caught a glimpse of them out of the corner of my eye, but nothing.

If Tabari went in and established himself as my equerry, then he’s done! I’m sure he did it just so he could weasel in and end up becoming my caretaker and that is the last thing I need (or want) to happen. But if it was him, where is he? I haven’t seen him at all today. We left early to avoid any interaction with him. When we passed by his accommodations his light was on and I saw a shadow moving around. Normally, he would make his presence known and start asking questions and being annoying but I’ve been sitting here in the courtyard waiting to be told when the sages arrived and he hasn’t popped his head up yet.

That’s the other thing. Apparently, the two sages I thought I had I don’t have anymore. Now I have Dijmon from Nri and Wentworth from Rosewood. When I tried to find out what the last-minute change, they couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me. I was tempted to pull rank, but it wasn’t worth it.

I suppose that it could be a family emergency or something else important came up, but what’s the likelihood that they both had one at the same time?! My mind immediately went to Glorimar and wondering if she was behind this in some way, but while she is powerful, she isn’t that powerful.

I have another session to go over the ceremonial particulars and then I can go home and start the Elyim. Tomorrow, the two sages should be here and it would finally feel like things are moving and I’ll almost be done with the craziness.


By the time I’m done writing this, it will be the 22nd of Ylum, but I just had a wild dream. I’m not sure if it means something or just a side effect from the Elyim. Even as I type this out, it’s starting to fade.

I was at Oyan Cove it was crowded and having fun, but they were mingling in and out of this purple fog. It is hard to explain, but I felt like I shouldn’t go anywhere near it, but the minute I thought that I was drawn to it and was walking toward it. Part of my mind was conscious of the fact that I was walking toward it and trying to stop but I just kept walking. Then, I started running towards it. It was like I was hearing two minds and one was saying stop but the other was saying, “we must” and my body just felt like it was on autopilot. Not controlled by the mind that said we must and not listening to the one that said we should stop. I was moving like I was on autopilot.

Then, when I entered it, it was like both parts of my mind slammed into me at the same time and I was aware of where I was. I knew there were things around, but I couldn’t see them. It was still foggy, and I think I remember some sounds, maybe singing, then I was in a park watching myself and Tabari talking. He seemed upset and, at a point, got down on his knees like he was begging for something then he threw his head back like he was in pain and these shadows, monsters, soldiers, and birds just exploded from his head.

I can’t do the images justice! I woke up and after I got some water and changed out of my wet clothes, I wanted to make sure I capture it. I’m sure it’s just a side effect from the Elyim, but it has me wide awake. I think I’m going to try to find something interesting on the PRN until I can fall back to sleep.


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