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A'Kan's Journal Entries - #2

Updated: Jun 4

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I leave tomorrow but I had to go in and deal with Glorimar! She challenged the fact that I appointed Rytick as my second and is in charge while I’m away. She felt that the second should be appointed by The Sovereign and, as such, would need to be approved by the Nobles. She acted like I didn’t do my due diligence to make sure everything was on the up and up. Plus, I told her what the plan was! Why would she wait a day before I am supposed to leave to cause a fuss and do it after he has effectively been in the job for a couple of days? I don’t know what her deal is she knows that she won’t have a say in who Sorell appoints. If she really was making a power play she would have demanded it when she went to the judiciary on me or hinted at who she wants instead, but she knows as well as I do that there aren’t any nobles in power who has the sway and gravitas with Sorell and would still be able to do their job effectively. Heck, I doubt I can even do this job effectively some times, but if anyone can do it, it is Rytick. In any case, she got the most public of slap downs and won’t be trying anything again anytime soon. I got the call on Friday night and met with Sorell and his ministers. At first, it seemed like it was just going to be her blustering, as usual, trying to position herself as important. Now, it didn’t come to me then, but I told him this when his minsters left, but I think she’s trying to position herself as the Koamani’s instrument in the legislative branch. He didn’t shoot my theory down but he wouldn’t agree with me either. I told him to watch his back and to reminded him to reauthorize the treaty giving them the buffer zone they asked for. He said he would, but I made sure to tell Rytick too. The longer he waits the more the Komani family and, by extension, Glorimar will be in a throne in his side. He has to neutralize her and fast. Things like this I will miss. A lot of the stuff is tedious and mind-numbing. The times when I’m really called in to do crisis work is stressful, but ensuring that people who are only in it for the power get what’s coming to them is always a plus⁠1 for me. In any case, the Judiciary ruled in favor of Court and had her sulking while she did some interview. This was where it got good.

While she was doing her interview, Sorell addressed the nation and effectively put his support behind Rytick and appointed him as Emir over Shango until I return. That basically took the wind out of her sails. I wasn’t watching when it happened but I got to see the clips and when they told her on the air her face dropped! Best thing I’ve seen all week. Basically but making him an Emir he has made him a more powerful than her. An Emir hasn't been used since the Ameu Wars, but essentially, it makes Shango its own country and Rytick head of that country answering only to the King.

She'll contest it, I'm sure but support for the move is high. There are some traditionalist who are celebrating because it effectively puts the Crown back at the head of government. Now, Sor isn't going to leverage that, but if she strikes now, it will backfire. She'll have to wait till Sor or his advisors make a mistake or try to up the ante, which I can't see happening anytime soon. I guess she could claim Rytick is not of regal lineage and some nonsense, but the archivist would be able to point to his grandmother’s sister and would nip that in the bud. I always told him to claim it but something happened there that he doesn’t want to talk about. I caught flashes here and there but not enough to make sense, and if he has said he doesn’t want to talk about it, I’m not going to ask him about the flashes are that I’m getting. Speaking of Flashes; I haven’t had any the last few nights. I would love to say it is over and I don’t have to do this, but I know its the calm before the storm. Tomorrow is the last day before I leave out. I’m going to spend my time relaxing and taking it easy. Who knows what I’m about to walk into. *** It is two o’clock and I spoke too soon! I had another flash. It is hard to put into words what I saw and even now, I don’t know what I saw but it was enough to keep me up. I decided to expand and spend some time in flight. I ended up flying down to Oyan Cove. It was mid early morning when I got there and there were a couple of people there, but not much. I must have given off a vibe of I didn’t want to be bothered because no one approached me. I think a few of them recognized me but they were respectful enough to leave me alone. While I was walking towards the pier, I noticed that my flames are changing colors and I had a hard time regulating it. It wasn't much, but the orange and red hue seems to be diminishing. I was worried about being able to get back, but when I went into a pedigree mode I still had buoyancy and power. The colors weren't changing but they were still muted. I was even starting to feel the cold air over the gulf which is unusual. If it continues, I’ll see a doctor when I get to Lexre, but if it's just a by-product of The Kindling then I won’t worry about it. All this will be over soon enough and I’ll get back to normal. 14/21/5809 I’m going to kill Tabari before this is all over! He has been my shadow since he showed up.

Eth got three cars. He said, that way if one of the assistants or house staff put something in my bag then I wouldn’t blow up with the clothes. It made sense, but I’m so low on the totem pole it would never happen. Anyway, Tabari was there waiting on us when we arrived. He had already put luggage in the car we were supposed to use and he had a ton of it. Most of them were datapads, books, and computer equipment. Now, I was already agitated as having to do this, so having to wait around was not something I was looking forward to. At one point, he started arguing with the other driver and I had to step in. I may have been a bit harsh, but I told him that he either decided what needed to stay or go, or he would find his own transport. He looked like he was going to say something and I’m glad he didn’t because I felt my flame rising even though I didn't want it to. It use to be much easier to control.

I caught it right before the heat became noticeable. The last thing I needed was him to not only get twisted and then feel ashamed because he couldn’t tap into it himself. I hate people who do that to others and I don’t want to be the one to do that to someone else. He finally picked what stayed and what went, but he was still bringing a lot so he had to ride with me. Which meant he would not shut up. At one point, I leaned back and pretended I was trying to get some sleep, but he wouldn’t take the hint. Claiming he wanted to take advantage of the time “we had together” and complete some background. Had Eth not come up with some bogus rule about me needing privacy to take a call from my Mother. He would have never shut up, let alone get out the car and into the other one. Fortunately, it wasn’t mom asking me when I was going to get there and remind me to call her when I did. I love her but sometimes she sees nothing but a boy. We got into Lexre later than I wanted to, but I still made it to my reservations at Kemet’s. I think Eth was able to interfere for me again with Tabari because I was all set to start feeding him some bogus information but he never showed and I never asked where he was. No one bothered me at dinner which was good and by the time I decide to leave (I ended up staying at the Ibhan for a while) the coast was clear and the beach was pretty much secluded so I decided to go for a walk. I didn’t want to go 'gree not because I was scared from the last time, I just wasn’t feeling it. We got back a little bit ago and I saw Tabari’s light on still. No doubt waiting up for me, but I was able to sneak in unnoticed. I’ve taken something to fall asleep so I’m just waiting until it starts to kick in. Oh, it looks like I’ll have more time to relax before the Kindling. There was a message from The Order when I got back aying they had to reschedule the ceremony because one of my sages had a scheduling issue. I guess because of who I am they are giving me an extra one or something. I don’t know what I’m worried about. I know I shouldn’t but I just can’t shake it. It’s like this dread in my stomach. I wonder if that could be why there are cold spots in my flame. It’s never happened before though. Maybe it has something to do with the timing of it. I’ve heard of side-effects when somebody pushes off their Kindling for so long, but no one mentioned this. I’m still having a hard time getting people to even tell me what to expect. I get not telling when we are kids. It gives you an odd sense of power and control over the other person (at least for a little while), but we’re adults, you shouldn’t have to resort to those petty games. I did get Sor to tell me that they use Elyim CR and that it is the best experience that you will ever have. I didn’t tell him that I did it when I was in my Grad Tier. It was interesting but not anything I would ever consider the best experience I ever have. I remember at one point I was huddled on the couch naked and shivering in seventy-five-degree weather with my flame on full plast. If that is what it’s like then this is not about to be fun. I’m starting to get tired, so I’m going to try and lie down some and so help him if Tabari comes and knocks on my door!


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