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A'Kan's Journal #1 - Kindling Prep

ARCHIVAL ORDER NOTICE: Due to circumstances involving the Cosmic Blackout, these are the only entries of A’Kan’s Journal available to The Archival Order. The Order is working hard to reestablish a connection to the Phoenix Network. When a new connection is established, entries will resume. The Order apologies for any inconvenience.


14/14/5809 Officially handed everything over to Rytick today. On one hand, I’m relieved that I don’t have to worry about anything for a year and a half, but on the other, I don’t have to worry about anything for a year and a half. I guess, I just am not looking forward to all that time with my thoughts and going on some fool’s errand to earn some certificates and acknowledgment to prove that I can still be Regent and serve the Sovereign. I don’t even know why people still get up and arms over these anymore. They are just another excuse to throw a party and have no meaning whatsoever. I have five days off before I head up to Lexre. I was looking forward to going alone. I figured Sorell wouldn’t let me go by myself, but I figured he’d tell me to take security and that would be that. Instead, he called me over to his chambers after work and let me know that not only was Eth going with me (would rather him than anyone else in my detail) but Tabari Kewi was going to. It is bad enough that I have to go through The Kindling at this age, but to have it all cataloged by The Order and available to the public makes me want to put it off again. Now, to his credit, Sorell did try and intercede for me and get The Order to back down, but they threw the charter at him. He pushed back saying that while I was a member of the Regal Flame, I was so far down the line of succession that it was unnecessary for my time to be chronicled, but they took him to the judiciary and they ruled against him and now I’m stuck with an Archivist. If it was anyone else other than Tabari, I wouldn’t mind, but he is one of those archivists whose job is everything and feel that they are the only ones doing important work and everyone else is beneath them. To his credit, I haven’t seen him treat many of the nobles the way Brockton did, but he’s still just as intrusive and draining to be around. He always wants to talk about history and compare things to The Cycle. I’ve been wracking my brain to try and get out of this, but I’m stuck. I should have just done it back when I was supposed to, but The Kindling wasn’t calling to me then. In all honesty, it’s not calling to me now. I can feel dark spots in my flame even when I’m not in my pedigree form, but it isn’t enough to warrant healing all by itself. I'll have to hope it is part of something else and gets corrected after the ceremony. In some ways Glorimar's timing was perfect. Yet, Glorimar will do anything and everything to try and discredit the family, let alone the crown and I’m the easiest target so here I am.

I bet it was Glorimar who made sure that Tabari was going with me. Nine times out of ten, she is looking for anything that she can lay at my feet and then lay at Sorell’s in the hope that she can start to chip away at our family’s foundation. I’m a little worried Rytick would have his work cut out with her, but he’s seen me deal with her enough times and is usually ten steps ahead of her anyway. I gave him a bit of my flame so he can reach out whenever he needs it. I need to finish packing a few things so I’m going to grab something to eat and get started. I am not looking forward to this. Hopefully, it will be a quick one and I can get back to work.

- A

14/17/5809 Ke’lyn stopped by last night and one thing led to another. My guess is she’s working for one of the media outfits because she kept asking where I was going, who was going to be my Sage, and all that. Just like she tried to use me, I used her! I gave her some fake information. I told her that I needed to get away for a bit. Now, that isn’t really a lie or fake information. I could stay in Shango and do my work here, but I don’t know what this is going to be like. I waited so long there could be a lot backed up in my psyche and I don’t want to do it here and have someone catch me acting out of character. It has happened rarely, but it has happened. Even if it can be explained as part of the Kindling, I’m not going to have people talking about me like that. I’ve done too much here. Plus, I can’t let it reflect badly on Sor and the family. I told her I was going up to Pyrim and working with Norden. I don’t even know if Norden is still in Pyrim. I just needed to say something so if she was feeding information elsewhere, they would end up going on a wild goose change and leave me alone. I guess I should feel betrayed that she is willing to sell me out, but 1) I don’t really know that she is, she was just acting weird and I know she’s done stuff like that before. 2) I know who she is. I still haven’t told her about that night in Mellon. I can’t get over that image, but it’s not bad enough that it would prevent me from having sex with her again. I guess I’m just all kinds of screwed up. You would think if you got a glimpse of someone’s true soul and it looked like that then you would run screaming for the hills, but I guess I’m just asking for trouble because I keep letting her come back. I didn’t get any flashes last night so maybe she’s finally working on herself, but it’s still not a good thing. Another reason to look forward to the trip to Lexre. Rytick stopped by yesterday for some work stuff and we got to talking and he told me that his uncle did his Kindling late in life too and it was a great experience for him. He said it was intense, but it was over in no time. His uncle also did it in Lexre and said that when it was over the town was very relaxing and a great getaway. Something tells me that mine isn’t going to go so easily. He was all kinds of stressed. I offered him some Elyium to take the edge off and kept telling him to relax. He knows the partners and had to deal with them a lot more than me, but he was still nervous. I think he’s more worried about working with Sor than anything else. I told him that he’s done that too, but he said this is different. I told him that interacting with him in this capacity is no different than when he had to before, but he gave some answer about him not being family and acting differently in public because he is the Sovereign. I don’t know if anything I said worked. He’ll be fine, he just doesn’t know it yet. Eth just stopped by and we worked out the security details for the trip. Four other security people are going, but if he does his job right, I shouldn’t see them. He wouldn’t say it, but I think he hired some Feliades to work the detail. If so, it was a good decision. I’m trying to do this as inconspicuous as possible so the less security folk around the better. Another plus is that since Eth and Tabari are going with me, then the area surrounding my villa will be empty. Eth and Tabari will each get their own. He said that the other one will be used if an issue of state arises, but I think that is where he’s going to be stashing his team.



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