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I always enjoyed creative writing but when I wasn't in the mood, couldn't think of anything to write, or when something was bothering me, I would write in my journal. I’ve kept a journal since 1986 and ended up with four volumes and over 830 pages of material and no plan on how to go through it. So, I decided to create a memoir.


It will be secondary to the larger project and interesting to examine how far I've come, how far I need to go, and how all of this has led me to create the Melanite Omniverse. I have a lot to go through, so I decided make space to place some of those entries here and see what I have to work with. 

The working title of the memoir is, Becoming The Melanite Man and, on this page, you’ll find entries from my pre-teen to early adult years. Some may find their way into the book, and some may not, but it is my way of processing everything and seeing what I have to work with.

Curious about my definition of a Melanite Man, you can listen to Season 3, Episode 11 of the Theophilus Project Podcast, by CLICKING HERE. 

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